United States of America Los Angeles port

Port also known as: San Pedro Harbor

425 South Palos Verdes Street
San Pedro
CA 90731
United States of America

Phone:+1 310 732 3840
Fax:+1 310 831 4896
Latitude:33° 43' 0" N
Longitude:118° 16' 0" W
Time zone:GMT -8
Max depth:15.50m

Terminal operators active at this port

  • Dry Bulk
  • Containers
  • Other Liquid
  • Bunkers
  • General Cargo Bulk
  • Airport
  • Towage
  • Dry Dock
  • Ro/Ro
  • Petroleum

The Port of Los Angeles gives shippers worldwide the advantage of superior cargo terminals, second-to-none rail and warehouse infrastructure, and equally robust and reliable speed-to-market services from dock to destination. The Port of Los Angeles also offers the nation’s largest on-dock rail assets, providing the highest frequency of intermodal rail service to 14 major freight hubs across the United States. Moving more containers than any other port in the Americas, the L.A. Trade Gateway is the best option for shipping goods through and beyond the most heavily populated region in the western U.S.

Comparison of nearest ports with similar facilities

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Distance (mi) 4.47 16.81 61.32 94.76
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Airport X X X X
Bunkers X X X
Containers X X X X
Dry Bulk X X X X
Dry Dock X
General Cargo Bulk X X X
Other Liquid X X X
Petroleum X X X
Ro/Ro X X X X
Towage X X X