Philippines General Santos port

Port also known as: Dadiangas, Makar

Philippine Ports Authority, Port Management Office of General Santos, PO Box 53, Makar, General Santos City, Philippines

Phone:+63 83 552 4446
Fax:+63 83 552 4446
Latitude:6° 5' 59" N
Longitude:125° 9' 0" E
Time zone:GMT +8
Max depth:12.00m
  • Bunkers
  • Containers
  • General Cargo Bulk
  • Petroleum
  • Airport
  • Ro/Ro

Terminal operators
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Comparison of nearest ports with similar facilities

General Santos Davao Legaspi Polloc Iligan
Distance (mi) 74.58 79.72 107.53 162.21
Distance (km) 120.02 128.29 173.04 261.03
Airport X X X X X
Bunkers X X X X
Containers X X X X X
Dry Bulk X X X
Dry Dock X
General Cargo Bulk X X X X X
Other Liquid X X X
Petroleum X X X X
Ro/Ro X X X X X
Towage X X