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Italy Porto Vesme port

Capitaneria di Porto
Ufficio Locale Marittimo
Porto Vesme

Phone:+39 0781 509114
Latitude:39° 12' 0" N
Longitude:8° 24' 0" E
Time zone:GMT +1
Max depth:11.90m
  • Bunkers
  • Dry Bulk
  • General Cargo Bulk
  • Petroleum
  • Airport
  • Towage

Comparison of nearest ports with similar facilities

Porto Vesme Sarroch Cagliari Arbatax Alghero Porto Torres Olbia La Maddalena (Sardinia)
Distance (mi) 34.89 36.59 85.80 94.54 111.71 133.14 152.09
Distance (km) 56.14 58.88 138.08 152.13 179.77 214.26 244.75
Airport X X X X X X
Bunkers X X X X X X
Containers X X X
Dry Bulk X X X
Dry Dock X
General Cargo Bulk X X X X X X X X
Other Liquid X X X
Petroleum X X X X
Ro/Ro X X X
Towage X X X X X X X