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Taiwan Kaohsiung port


Latitude:22° 37' 0" N
Longitude:120° 15' 0" E
Time zone:GMT +8
Max depth:15.00m

Comparison of nearest ports

Kaohsiung An-Ping Taichung Hualien Su-Ao Quanzhou Basco Xiamen
Distance (mi) 25.01 116.25 128.93 169.49 188.20 189.11 189.11
Distance (km) 40.25 187.07 207.49 272.76 302.85 304.32 304.33
Airport X X X X
Bunkers X X X X X X
Containers X X X X X
Dry Bulk X X X X X
Dry Dock X
General Cargo Bulk X X X X X X X
Other Liquid X
Petroleum X X X
Ro/Ro X
Towage X X X X X