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United States of America Camden port

The Port of Philadelphia & Camden Inc., One Port Center, 2 Riverside Drive, PO Box 1949, Camden, NJ 08101-1949, United States
United States of America

Phone:+1 856 968 2042
Fax:+1 856 968 2056
Latitude:39° 55' 59" N
Longitude:75° 7' 59" W
Time zone:GMT -5
Max depth:12.20m
  • Dry Bulk
  • General Cargo Bulk
  • Airport
  • Bunkers
  • Containers

Terminal operators
active at this port

Comparison of nearest ports with similar facilities

Camden Philadelphia Wilmington (Delaware) Port Newark Bayonne New York & New Jersey Baltimore Port Jefferson
Distance (mi) 2.11 23.21 73.48 74.38 79.17 89.30 129.40
Distance (km) 3.39 37.36 118.25 119.70 127.40 143.71 208.24
Airport X X X X X
Bunkers X X X X X
Containers X X X X X X
Dry Bulk X X X X X X X
Dry Dock X X X
General Cargo Bulk X X X X X
Other Liquid X X X X
Petroleum X X X X X
Ro/Ro X X X X X X
Towage X X X X